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Recitals of Ethics and Poetry


De momento, ignoramos cuando podremos volver a reunirnos en las tertulias de Ética y Poesía, ni cuando volverá a abrir las puertas el Ateneo.
Ante esta incertidumbre, y convencidos del poder que tiene la poesía ante los momentos difíciles de la vida, hemos dedicido crear un canal de youtube con el nombre de "Poesía necesaria".
Es un espacio de recitación y comentario de poemas de autores que vivieron ellos también situaciones complicadas y pretendemos, en cada una de las entradas de estos vídeos, ofrecer un aliento poético lleno de aquellos valores que han sido frecuentes siempre en los ya siete años que llevamos de tertulias en el Ateneu Barcelonès.
De momento, hemos dedicado sólo cuatro espacios a poetas como Whitman, Bertolt Brecht, Nazim Hikmet, Gloria Fuertes y Omar Khayyam.

Os pasamos el enlace de youtube: CANAL `POESIA NECESSÀRIA` donde podreis seguir estos videos y los próximos que seguirán durante este periodo de confinamiento.
Si os apetece, os podeis suscribir e iréis recibiendo la información de los vídeos que iremos ponen en este canal, creado pensando en este vacío que se ha producido por las circunstancias que nos rodean. Agradecemos todos los comentarios que deseeis hacer y serán una forma de reencontrarnos a pesar de la distancia.
De moment, ignorem quan podrem tornar a reunir-nos en les tertúlies d'Ètica i Poesia, ni quan tornarà a obrir les portes l'Ateneu.
Davant d'aquesta incertesa, i convençuts del poder que té la poesia davant dels moments difícils de la vida, hem dedicit crear un canal de youtube amb el nom de "Poesia necessària".
És un espai de recitació i comentari de poemes d'autors que van viure ells també situacions complicades i pretenem, en cadascuna de les entrades d'aquests vídeos, oferir un alè poètic ple d'aquells valors que han sovintejat sempre en els ja set anys que portem de tertúlies a l'Ateneu Barcelonès.
De moment, hem dedicat només quatre espais a poetes com Whitman, Bertolt Brecht, Nazim Hikmet, Gloria Fuertes i Omar Khayyam.

Us passem l'enllaç de youtube: CANAL `POESIA NECESSÀRIA` on podreu seguir aquests vídeos i els propers que seguiran durant aquest periode de confinament.
Si us ve de gust, us podeu subscriurer i anireu rebent la informació dels vídeos que anirem posan en aquest canal, creat pensant en aquest buit que s'ha produit per les circunstàncies que ens envolten. Agrairem tots els comentaris que vulgueu fer i seran una forma de retrobar-nos malgrat la distància.
At the moment, we do not know when we will be able to meet again in the gatherings of Ethics and Poetry, nor when the Athenaeum will reopen the doors.
Faced with this uncertainty, and convinced of the power that poetry has in the difficult moments of life, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a YouTube channel with the name "Poetry necessary".
It is a space for reciting and commenting on poems by authors who lived through them also complicated situations and we intend, in each of the entries in these videos, to offer a poetic breath full of those values which have always been frequent in the seven years that we have had gatherings at the Ateneu Barcelonès.
At the moment, we have dedicated only four spaces to poets such as Whitman, Bertolt Brecht, Nazim Hikmet, Gloria Fuertes and Omar Khayyam.

We pass you the youtube link: CHANNEL `POESIA NECESSÀRIA` where you can follow these videos and the next ones that will follow during this period of confinement.
If you feel like it, you can subscribe and you will receive the information of the videos that we will put on this channel, created with this void in mind that has been produced by the circumstances that surround us. We appreciate all the comments you want to make and they will be a way to meet again despite the distance.

Gathering of ethics and poetry

Free entrance at any time.
Date: the 21th Of Maig, 2021
Place: Ateneu Barcelonès (see map)

You are invited to the gathering about Felicia Fuster and the heroism of living, on the centenary of her birth. As always, the gathering will be accompanied by a talk about the work of Felícia Fuster with a poetic recital by the poet Guillem Vallejo.

Gathering dedicated to Bécquer

Free entrance at any time.
Date: the 16th Of April, 2021
Place: Ateneu Barcelonès (see map)

Gathering held from the Ateneu Barcelonès, which can be followed by online videoconference about the dialogue between the arts in Bécquer´s poetry

Gathering of ethics and poetry

Free entrance at any time.
Date: the 19th Of February, 2021
Place: Ateneu Barcelonès (see map)

Friday 19, at 19:00, new gathering, this time: ON-LINE. (link: https://meet.google.com/ast-oruf-xhh) by Guillem Vallejo, with the title: Pandemic and Poetry

Gathering of ethics and poetry

Free entrance at any time.
Date: the 18th Of January, 2019
Place: Ateneu Barcelonès (see map)

This past Friday at the Ethics and Poetry gathering we talked about ´Poetry as a testimony of horror´, remembering Primo Levi on the centenary of his birth. Death and literature have gone hand in hand from Scheherezade, the main narrator of The Thousand and One Nights, to the last words of Tabucchi, addressed to his son in what was his last story, to give only two examples. In our gathering, however, we talked about a writer, a graduate in Chemistry, who did not know that he would be a writer and that words came to him as a need, as an urgent need to overcome forgetfulness and horror. This time we have the chance to hear the poetry of Primo Levi in ??Italy, thanks to the participation of Francesca Idrali, whom I also thank here for his words commenting on the survival of Levi in ??Turin, and how he remembers it. In addition to the enriching interventions of the tertulianos, when it had already finished the social gathering, before a cups of hot chocalate in that cold night, Eileen, a tertuliana, spoke to us of another horror, the one that they lived in Argentina during the Pinochet dictatorship, how Prisoners communicated from noise in the walls to maintain that thread of humanity that dictators have always tried to break. In ´If this is a man´, Levi opened the first novel of the Auschwitz trilogy, with a poem, overwhelming, testimony, a clear reminder of how we never have to forget that beyond the laws, often unjust, there are men. That hatred is never the solution, nor is it forgotten.

´You live safe
In your heated houses,
Those you find when you return at dusk
Hot dinner and friendly faces:
You consider if this is a man,
Who works in the mud
Who does not know peace
Who fights for a piece of bread (...)

Primo Levi