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Recitals of ethics and poetry


Gathering of ethics and poetry

Free entrance at any time.
Date: the 18th Of January, 2019
Place: Pati Manning (see map)

This past Friday at the Ethics and Poetry gathering we talked about ´Poetry as a testimony of horror´, remembering Primo Levi on the centenary of his birth. Death and literature have gone hand in hand from Scheherezade, the main narrator of The Thousand and One Nights, to the last words of Tabucchi, addressed to his son in what was his last story, to give only two examples. In our gathering, however, we talked about a writer, a graduate in Chemistry, who did not know that he would be a writer and that words came to him as a need, as an urgent need to overcome forgetfulness and horror. This time we have the chance to hear the poetry of Primo Levi in ??Italy, thanks to the participation of Francesca Idrali, whom I also thank here for his words commenting on the survival of Levi in ??Turin, and how he remembers it. In addition to the enriching interventions of the tertulianos, when it had already finished the social gathering, before a cups of hot chocalate in that cold night, Eileen, a tertuliana, spoke to us of another horror, the one that they lived in Argentina during the Pinochet dictatorship, how Prisoners communicated from noise in the walls to maintain that thread of humanity that dictators have always tried to break. In ´If this is a man´, Levi opened the first novel of the Auschwitz trilogy, with a poem, overwhelming, testimony, a clear reminder of how we never have to forget that beyond the laws, often unjust, there are men. That hatred is never the solution, nor is it forgotten.

´You live safe
In your heated houses,
Those you find when you return at dusk
Hot dinner and friendly faces:
You consider if this is a man,
Who works in the mud
Who does not know peace
Who fights for a piece of bread (...)

Primo Levi